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  • Experience

  • Quality

  • Flexibility


About us

Installation Company ISM VUZEM d.o.o. was established in 2001. We operate in the field of mechanical installations. Through experience and training we have specialized for individual fields.

We are engaged in following fields:
  • installation of lacquering lines,
  • installation of metal constructions,
  • installation of transport technologies,
  • installation of machines, and
  • dismantling of constructions, machines, devices, etc. 

Our company has also proven itself to be a reliable partner in the fields of installation of investment equipment in the car industry and energy generation facilities. We employ around 200 workers of various profiles and qualifications. Our employees are mainly locksmiths, locksmiths and pipe-fitters and welders. The welders are A-tested and certified by a welding engineer and in accordance with the welding standards. We excel in the following welding procedures: TIG, MIG/MAG and arc welding.

Our company is present on all continents in the field of installation, whereas the major part of our assemblies (app. 80%) is executed in EU countries.

The advantages of our company:
  • experience,
  • quality,
  • reliability, and
  • flexibility.

Types of

In the field of installations we are present on almoast all continents.